Many have asked, “Who is Poet Lena?”

I am a Poet, Author, Inspirational & Purpose Coach

“A Different Type Of Motivator.”

I support people in transforming their lives through their faith, self-determination and their insight into their divine purpose.

My life story is more than a testimony. It is a reality for so many others. My mission is to help many walks in their divine purpose and learn to love themselves once again. We are not Victims we are Survivors.

I was Born in Brooklyn, New York and have had the passion, drive, and determination to do not only what my heart tells me, but what God has called me to do. My message is always, “PUT GOD FIRST.”

I grew up in the Foster Care system from an early age and fought my way through many trials and tribulations, but with God’s Grace.

I persevered triumphantly. Now I’m here to dedicate my life to reaching out to others that have walked similarly in my shoes or those that seem to be lost and can’t find their own way.

My purpose as a Faith Coach is to teach, assist and enlighten you on what your purpose in life is. I am here to teach you what you already have within your heart and soul. As a Faith Coach, I will walk with you hand in hand teaching you about God’s purpose for your presence in this world, by surrounding you with nothing but honesty and faithfulness.

I, Poet Lena, with work with you through some of the difficult times you will face within your life. If you are struggling with finding that peace within knowing who you are and what you stand for, I will be there.

If you feel that you are lost when it comes to finding independence in every aspect of your life, whether it be love, career, spirituality, I will be here to see you through it all.

I am a believer that understands God’s purpose, and his purpose is to make all of his children know who he is and what their purpose in life is.

I have a special relationship with God and in my work as a coach, I will have a special relationship with you.