See I have been writing for many years and honestly, I see so many people still don’t understand me.

See I never make my poetry about myself its always God who gave me this gift so honestly, I don’t care if you don’t feel me. You didn’t give me this glory and you can’t steal it from me. See I was lost but now I’ve been found, I really can’t have any false teachers around. Poet Lena can you sign your name on this book and let them know you been here, so now I sign my name Jesus because he’s the one that gave salvation to live and many won’t understand me. People asking me to be my friend just because of my titles and fame and JESUS is the only Name that deserves any fame. SO please all I ask you is through my walk is when you see me you say God first. I am nothing to him just a vessel being used for his purpose, the man-made name is a way the world finds me but through God is where I will hide in. The world is always attacking, always judging and tell you how your life was and honestly, I am sick of it fake friends and judgmental Christians. Telling me how to get to heaven and they never been there. I know who Jesus is myself you don’t need to give me a pass to my salvation I seek God first and have my pen as an open invitation. So how many people worldwide will hear my voice and change their lives I wonder I just hope is unlimited number because everyone needs to make to heaven one day. Just keep him God first always and no matter what man says never turn your back on him. God is the beginning and the end and he’s the only one that can forgive you from your sins. Stop Idolizing man and fake Gods and open your bible and ask him to give you understand of it. See there is no one perfect here on earth and I mean no one whatever their name is. So, if you’re going to live for anything that has a meaning make sure its God first attached to it. I have countries worldwide seeking me asking me to speak to them only because they feel I can bring some time of peace to them and all I am is a born again Christian trying to making here in this world like you, making mistakes just like you, feeling pain just like you. So how can someone just like you tell you your worth and they don’t know the half of what you’ve been through…


So now I get it God the world will never understand me.

The world will never stop judging me

The world will never be satisfied with my work

The world will try and crucify you before I say your name

The world could care less if I live or die


So, God to you I give all the glory because you are the king of kings and lord of lords and my love for you

Has no ends So when you look at Poet Lena remember I am more than just a poet I am God first and honestly the God in me it’s what made the Poet fit.

In a world that had no love for me.

So now when you see me doing interviews with Oprah don’t smile at me

and when you see me

Working with Tyler Perry don’t smile at me

When you see, me praying with Bishop Jakes don’t be fake to me

Because all of this was written from God for me and people had no part of my victory of things I claimed see


All these rewards will come through God and God alone so all I ask is when you see Poet Lena you see the God first in me.


  1. I see the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords in you and throughout you, Poet Lena…it’s all about God our Abba Father! I celebrate you, woman of God, because first and foremost, I celebrate the Abba Father, the Most High God in you and with you! Your writings, as well as your social media broadcasts, are ALL about God; I appreciate that about you, Poet Lena! I wholly follow you; most importantly, I wholly follow the God in you! Shalom!

    • Thank you for that beautiful message and thank you for being who you are in this walk with Jesus Christ. Bless you!

  2. Continue to be that vessel God is using and those meant to be on the train with you will ride as you know. Very humbled you’ve been from day one and blessing that God chose our paths to cross.

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