“Poetry Stuck In My Mind”

Poetry is stuck in my mind
There are so many poems floating through my head

There are so many poems everywhere online.

Now what am I to do as a poet.
When everywhere I look everyone wants to be a poet

I mean I understand your words are important just like mine
But, wait why do you have to be a poet.

I need space to release on the stage
I need to let out this rage
I mean cops are going insane,
criminals are losing their souls and now everyone wants to be a poet.
Okay, fine then, so let me be the poet that’s different

Let my words don’t rhyme,
let my words touch the souls of many,
where they are listening over and over again,
saying man that’s was hot, without one curse words as I release this poem
mic drops.

I’m a different type of Poet
I don’t need applause. I just need God to approve my words,
that’s when I know the world will fear.

I grew up in the streets of the belly of the beast.
I saw kids snatched off streets.
I seen people murdered in broad daylight,
and parents smoked out on crack feenin for Jesus to come back.

There are so many poems inside my head,
so I guess this one will have to do, for now.
I can’t stop thinking because the world won’t stop spinning.

So, every day I will have someone’s life to change that’s where Poet Lena got her name.
Forget fame.

The young girl I am speaking to you who got raped last night.
The young boy I am speaking to you who father left you all alone.
I am speaking to all those who simply didn’t fit in.

I am letting you know its space for you in this place where you can be different.
It’s like you can speak with run on sentences,
a poet it’s a place where words touch your soul and change your life,
it’s words that when you speak to God he’s the only one that heard.

Being a poet changed me so hey society said I wasn’t going to be anything.
But God said I am greater than them.

All I want to do is recite this poem that makes a person’s heart beat 180 beats per second to get so hyped that they are reborn in this life.

See I don’t know the right words sometimes to spit but I can tell you once I am done you’re going to relate to it.

I can’t promise you every word in this poem will change your life,
but it will make you think about your life, and shouldn’t that be the main ingredient in anything we write to change something in one’s life.

See all I want to do is write poetry 365 days a week,
that way my words will be everlasting and the next generation and
theirs after can say wow that Poet was different
She was a creator from the creator himself.

I just want to write that poem to change the world.
Yes, I am your girl because there are so many poems stuck in my head.

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