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The idea happened because of my passion of helping people, and many people actually told me how much I changed their lives. One of my main goals is changing a persons life. If I can do that, I know I will be blessed.


I have been inspiring people since I was young enough to know the definition of it. I had a tragic past, but I do not allow it to define my future. My inspiration is God and Jesus Christ, following that path has kept me alive and blessed for 50 years.


A great place for me to reach out to the million people around the world, and to help in ways I never did before.

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“Reflecting In The Past”

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So you tell me to stop reflecting on a past fill in pain and never to remember the bittersweet sounds of their names, names that abused my childhood and left me to die, inside a child hurting and only could pray to keep the feelings from demise. I grew in a place that was cold

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